On ne trouvait pas d'encens sain et fait en France. Alors on a crée le nôtre !

Chez Bloom, tu trouveras des bâtons d'encens aux senteurs inédites et subtiles. Chaque encens est fabriqué à partir de seulement 6 ingrédients 100% naturels : du bois, des fruits, des épices, des plantes, des fleurs... pas besoin de plus !

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Natural and made in France

"Bloom's values on the manufacture of their incense sticks is what I liked from the start, a natural manufacture, 100% Made In France and with smells that are just crazy!"


An essential!

"Energetic sound therapist, it is essential for me to prepare my tools and my room before each session. Installing a climate of trust and well-being goes through the 5 senses and in particular through the olfactory, and through ethics as much as the energy released by these sticks, Bloom was obvious to me."


Joy of scents

"A real headache to choose! The scents are all as pleasant as each other."


A real reconciliation with incense!

"Bloom incense reconciled me with stick incense, thanks to their impeccable composition, their manufacture in France and above all, their absolutely divine smells! I love using them to relax or concentrate when I work."


Incense that does not stubborn... finally!

"I have completely adopted Bloom incense, whether in my daily practice or to create a cozy atmosphere at home! What I appreciate is the richness of their scents, which are very present without taking the lead like this may be the case with other incense. And what a joy to know that they are made in the South-West!"


Little pleasure

"Bloom incense is my little pleasure after a day cleaning: nothing better than the intoxicating smell of Bubble Shell to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation!"


Perfume your interior in a flame!

"The Bloom incense collection is a real pleasure, it's so pleasant to perfume your interior with a simple flame with natural ingredients"


Recharge at home

"Bloom products, a must have for creating a haven of peace and recharging one's batteries... easily at home!"


Support the made in France!

"I like to use Bloom incense during my Rituals, they smell good and cleanse energies. A little extra: It's important for me to support a French company with quality products."


A real pleasure with each use

“I have been using Bloom incense since my installation as a Naturopath. The olfactory benefits are incredible for my clients and for myself! A pleasure with each massage, meditation or consultation! »